Registered Logo IAIR AWARDS®

IAIR® - Excellence in Innovation & Leadership

Only winners can acquire Logo License and so get the permission to post IAIR AWARDS® registered Logo on their corporate website and marketing communications for 12 months from the date of License Confirmation. A License Confirmation and the registered Logo will be sent via email upon confirmation of the payment and acceptance of here below Terms and Conditions.

Terms and Conditions to use the registered Logo IAIR AWARDS®

Authorized winners may post the IAIR AWARDS® Logo on their corporate website and marketing communications as an indicator that the company has been included in the IAIR winners list.
The logo will be provided upon full payment of the fees after the Gala Ceremony has taken place. Posting of the Logo must be conform the IAIR Corporate Web Posting format. No other uses of the Logo are permitted. For others uses please contact our event consultants. No modifications of the Logo are permitted.
We reserve the right to review and approve all postings of the Logo. We can and will revoke the License with no reimbursement of fees if Licensee breaches any part of this License. License shall indemnify and hold us harmless for any third party claims arising out of or based on the use of the Logo.